Free Online AI Face Swap

Replace faces in photos and videos with just one click using Artguru’s AI face swapper tool.

📣 Try our cool new video face swap feature – it’s a fun way to change up your videos!

Free Daily Face Swaps

Get inspired with a new uniquely you for free every day.

Creative Freedom

Upload any pic or video and swap faces with celebrities, friends, or imagination!

Face-Swapping Presets

Choose from diverse presets tailored to your preferences.

Seamless Results

Artguru’s advanced AI ensures seamless and realistic face swaps.

Artguru Photo Face Swap: Transform Your Images with AI Magic

Trending Preset Photos for Face Swapping

Artguru’s AI Face Swapper allows you to swap faces in seconds effortlessly with the preset photos. Pick from a wide range of stylized presets – celebrities, anime, art, cartoons, and more. Upload your selfie, select a preset, and watch your face magically transfer to a fun new photo.

Replace Your Face with Any Image

Artguru also enables you to upload any image and seamlessly swap your face onto it. Get creative by face swapping with historical figures, fictional characters, or even objects – the possibilities are endless for imagination and fun!

Group Fun with Multi-Face Swapping

Step into the fun and creative zone with Artguru’s Multi-Face Swapping! Now, you can bring everyone into the fun by swapping faces among friends or crafting a completely new group portrait. Whether it’s mixing smiles in a family photo, creating a comical moment for social media, or merging your circle into scenes with historical figures or beloved characters, our tool makes it super easy to swap faces and spark joy. Give it a try and get ready for the giggles!

How to Swap Faces in Photo Online

Step 1. Upload Photo

Upload the photo you want to edit as the source image. Ensure that the image is clear and well-lit for better results.

Step 2. Choose Face to Swap

Select the image you want to face swap with. Choose from preset photos or upload any image to replace your face.

Step 3. Preview and Download

Click ‘Generate’ to magically replace the face in seconds. Preview and save your face-swapped photo.

📣 Artguru Video Face Swap: Be Anyone, Anywhere in Your Videos

Artguru’s Video Face Swap tool brings a new dimension to video editing, allowing you to effortlessly swap faces in any video. Just upload your video, and the AI automatically detects and swaps up to five faces at once. Whether you dream of starring in your favorite movie or creating hilarious clips with friends and family, this tool makes it easy and fun. Perfect for social media sharing or crafting unique, personalized gifts, Artguru Video Face Swap offers a user-friendly platform for endless creative possibilities.

AI Face Swap FAQs

1. How can I face swap for free?

You can access the Artguru’s AI Face Swap tool and enjoy daily face swapping without any cost.

2. How can I put a face on another picture?

It’s simple. Upload the image with the face you want to keep and another image with the face you want to place. Artguru AI Face Swap will perform the face swap with just one click.

3. How do I face swap on my iPhone for free?

You can use Artguru AI Face Swap on your iPhone for free. Simply access Artguru on your iPhone and follow the simple steps for face swapping.

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