AI Face Generator

Create realistic and diverse AI-generated human faces from text prompts or existing photos using Artguru’s AI Face maker.

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Free Daily Generation

Generate up to 5 high-quality AI faces per day for free.

State-of-the-Art AI

Artguru harnesses the power of advanced deep learning technology.

Freedom to Use

Utilize the AI-generated faces in any desired context.

User-Friendly for All

Create AI-generated faces effortlessly using text or photos.

Generate Unique and Realistic Faces in Seconds

By utilizing deep learning algorithms, Artguru’s AI Face Generator can generate new and unique faces that possess various attributes like age, head pose, skin tone, emotion, and sex. The creative possibilities unlocked by AI are immense. For artists, designers, and content creators, this tool provides an avenue for exploring unique character designs, developing personalized avatars, and envisioning diverse faces for various creative projects.

How to Make AI-Generated Human Faces

3 easy steps to create human faces using AI.

Step 1

Describe the AI-generated face that you would like to create in the input field. Alternatively, you can simply upload a photo.

Step 2

Choose artistic styles and specify any features that you do not want to see. Additionally, select image size options if needed.

Step 3

Click “Generate” and patiently wait for the AI to create. The generation process typically takes a few seconds.

Create AI Human Faces from Text

Embrace the fast and fun process of animating yourself or any other photo. Simply upload the photo and choose from a range of anime-inspired styles, including Anime, Ghibli Studio, Anime Portrait, and more. Artguru’s AI anime generator will work its magic, transforming it into an anime masterpiece. Try it now and enjoy the thrill of seeing your ordinary photos transformed into extraordinary anime-style images now!

Transform Your Photos into AI Faces

Artguru’s AI face generator offers a remarkable feature that allows you to transform your existing selfies into AI-generated faces in a matter of seconds. With the “AI Avatar” functionality, you can upload your photos, choose a preferred style, and witness the magic unfold as your selfies are transformed into captivating AI-generated avatars.

AI Face Generator FAQs

1. Can I use Artguru’s AI Face Generator for free?

Yes, Artguru offers free usage. Users can generate AI faces from text daily without any cost.

2. What can I do if I don’t like the face generated for me?

You can simply generate again, and the generator will make a different face. Alternatively, you can modify your input text to provide more specific details or adjust the desired facial characteristics. This can help the generator better understand your preferences and generate a face that aligns with your expectations.

3. Can I create an AI version of myself?

Absolutely! With Artguru, you have the option to create an AI avatar of yourself. Simply upload your photo as a reference, select the style “Swap Face”, and the generator will generate an AI version of yourself based on the input, allowing you to explore different styles and variations.

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