AI Cartoon Generator

Artguru’s AI Cartoon Generator makes creating cartoons from images or text easy. Quickly turn photos into cartoon avatars, design unique cartoon characters, and bring your cartoon ideas to life.

How to Turn Images into Cartoons

Step 1: Upload a Photo

Visit and locate the “Upload Photo” area. Drag and drop the photo you want to transform into a cartoon. It can be a picture of a person, a pet, an object – anything!

Step 2: Choose Style or Enter a Text Prompt

Once your photo is uploaded, find the “Style” section. Select the “Cartoon” or “No Style” option to have more control over the cartoonization process.

Next, locate the text input box labeled on the top. Here, you can enter a text prompt to guide the AI in creating the cartoon style you desire. For example, enter “cartoon” for a simple cartoon look or get more creative with prompts like “Disney cartoon”, “anime”, “Pixar”, etc.

Step 3: Generate and Download Your Cartoon Image

Hit “Generate”. Artguru’s AI will instantly transform your photo into a cartoon in the style you specified.

If you want to adjust or refine the style, simply edit the text prompt and hit “Generate Cartoon” again. When you’re happy with your cartoon, click the “Download” button to save it.

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