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How to Swap Face onto Any Photo

Step 1: Upload the Face Photo
Select the "Photo Face Swap" tab and upload the photo whose face you want to keep in the final image.
Step 2: Upload the Target Photo
Next, upload the photo you want to swap faces on - this face will be replaced. The rest of this photo will remain unchanged in the output.
Step 3: Generate the Face Swap
Click "Generate" and in seconds, you'll have a seamlessly face-swapped photo! Ready for more? Try multi-face and video swaps.
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Seamless & Instant Face Swap Made Easy

With Artguru's AI Face Swapper, swap any face onto any photo or video in seconds with just one click. Our AI tool lets you upload the desired face and target image, then flawlessly swap one onto the other - stunningly realistic or hilariously whacky. Swap yourself into famous movie scenes, swap faces with celebrities or iconic paintings, experience different versions of yourself, swap genders, or bring any entertaining idea to life. Face swapping has never been easier or more fun than with Artguru's user-friendly tool.
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Multi-Face Swapping for Group Photos

With Artguru, you can upload a group photo and swap up to 5 faces in one go. This feature is perfect for playfully swapping faces with your family or friends, or for correcting those less-than-perfect expressions in group shots. Simply upload your group photo, select the faces you want to replace, and let Artguru work its magic. In seconds, you'll have a new version of the group photo with swapped faces that look stunningly realistic.
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Realistic Face Swapping for Any Videos

With Artguru, face swapping in videos is quick and easy. Upload your video or pick from our extensive template library. Choose the face to swap, and Artguru's AI takes care of the rest, delivering a personalized video with realistic face swaps in moments. Ideal for creating standout memes, imagine inserting yourself into iconic movie scenes or comical scenarios. Start creating your unique face swap videos now!
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FAQs about AI Face Swap

1. What is AI face swap, and how does it work?
AI face swap is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to replace the face in one image or video with another face. It analyzes the facial features, then accurately blends the chosen face onto the target image or video frame, ensuring the swap looks natural and seamless.
2. Can I swap faces online for free?
3. Can I swap multiple faces at once?
4. Can I use any photo for face swapping?
5. Is face swapping with Artguru safe and private?
6. Does Artguru have a face swap app?

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