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Remove unwanted objects, people, or text from photos seamlessly with Artguru AI Magic Eraser.

STEP 1: Upload your photo for a quick cleanup

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STEP 2: Use the brush tool to paint over the unwanted objects in your photo


STEP 3: Click 'Clean Up' to remove the objects instantly

Remove Any Unwanted Objects from Photos with AI Magic Eraser

Erase any unwanted objects from your pictures with Artguru's free AI erasing tool. Simply upload your photo, then use our intuitive brush tool to paint over the elements you want gone. In seconds, Artguru's smart AI integrates the backdrop, making items disappear as if they were never there. For best results, slightly extend your brush strokes beyond the object's edges.

Magically Remove Unwanted People from Photos

Have you ever taken a great photo, only to find someone accidentally popping into your background? With Artguru's Magic AI Eraser, you can easily remove the person from your photo, no blurs or weird patches. Unlike traditional tools, Artguru's Magic AI Eraser uses advanced inpainting technology to intelligently fill in the background after the removal. Just use our brush tool to paint over the unwanted person, and in seconds, you’ll have a flawless solo picture without any distractions.

Easily Remove Unwanted Text from Images

For photography enthusiasts, designers, or anyone in search of visual purity, unwanted text in images can be a nuisance. Whether it’s marring perfect landscapes, adding unsightly camera date stamps, revealing personal details, or creating copyright issues, Artguru's Magic AI Eraser enables you to effortlessly remove any words, signs, logos, or handwriting. With this magic tool, you can clean up your photos in seconds and maintain focus where it truly belongs.

Why Users Love Artguru AI Magic Object Eraser

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Save My Instagram Posts!
I'm always snapping selfies for my IG, and Artguru's AI Eraser is a lifesaver for cleaning up those random heads, bodies, or even unexpected pimples that pops up in my pics. Highly recommend!
Impressed with the Quality
I've tried other tools before, but they always left blurry, unnatural lines. Artguru's AI Eraser is different—it quickly cleaned up my photo without disrupting the background!
Online Sellers’ Best Friend
I sell vintage clothing online and often need to edit out background clutter from my product photos. Artguru makes it easy and fast, ensuring my listings look clean and focused. It's so easy to use!

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Artguru AI Magic Eraser: Remove objects from photos with one click

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